Sunday, May 30, 2010

Etsy Craft Party

Hi everyone!

We at Etsy Houston have been getting pretty excited about this event! I know a lot of y'all have been reading about the Etsy Craft Party on Etsy and MeetUp! The links above [they're all the same!] explain a LOT.
Make sure you check them out!

Now to answer the "What am I so excited about?!" questions :D
On Friday, June 18th, cities all over the world are having craft parties!  Etsy is teaming up with ReadyMade and are providing any group that would like to participate with a downloadable Craft Party Kit full of ideas, tutorials, etc.

Please visit the Houston MeetUp site and sign up [I promise it's really easy!].  If you are interested in hanging out with a creative bunch with similar interests, please oh please click "I'm intereted" so we can remain in the top 50 cities! - why???
"Etsy and the party sponsors will send a giant box of Etsy promos, coupons and gift certificates, supplies, and surprises from our amazing sponsors to the top 50 locations with the most RSVPs using Meetup Everywhere. We'll announce the top 50 on June 7, so get a move on!" - source

The fabulous Sarah of Sew Crafty is hosting/sponsoring the event [along with Saint Arnold Brewing Company!] at her fabulous headquarters at 8pm on June 18th.

We will have plenty of activities from the Party Kit, as well as four stations for you to choose from [and as many as you want!].
The stations are as follows:
Inspiration/Cork Board
1. source  2. source 

Rolled Flower Accessories

Spring/Summer Garland

Fused Plastic Bags - Stationary/"Fabric"
woohoo - go green!!

Like I said, we at EtsyHouston are extremely excited about this party :)
Please feel free to comment here with your input,
or on the MeetUp site after you've registered [easy stuff!].

Whether you consider yourself creative, want to be creative, or feel the urge to just express, please sign up - it's gonna be such a fun time :)

Don't forget to visit the MeetUp site and express your interest!! [clickyclick!!] And make sure you share this information with your friends, family, and anyone you think wants to get creative this summer! :D
We need as many people interested as we can get by June 7th :)


Sunday, May 23, 2010


We, at Etsy Houston, wish to organize a group of independent artists who can help better the awareness of our business and craft as well as build relationships within an artist community.

If you are interested in joining the Etsy Houston Street Team, please make sure you adhere to the following requirements.
[click for full details]
1. Members must have an active and updated Etsy shop.
2. Members must live in the Houston area.

3. Members must attend Houston area events such as craft shows and farmers markets with their Handmade Shop
4. Members must have a current Tax ID or tax number and DBA.
5. Members must attend at LEAST two meetings and two events [group activities, etc] per year.
6. Members must tag at least 25% of the items in their shop with the team tag 'etsyhouston'
7. Members must include the statement, "I am a member of Etsy Houston" in their Etsy Shop Annoucements.
8. Members must show recent online activity.

If you are positive that you meet all 8 requirements, or will meet them in no more than 3 months, please submit your application here.

A message for EHST current members
The Etsy Houston Street Team is "cleaning house."  Our Membership Leaders will be checking and double checking your current status.  If you do not meet the Team Requirements, I am sorry, but you will no longer be an active participant in the Houston street team.

Also, due to Ning's new policy, we are between website locations.  Please stay tuned for our final decision. :)

Thank you!! :)