Sunday, June 20, 2010

Craft Party Slide Show

etsy houston craft party from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

the lovely raven made this video, too!
how cool is that?!

SCROLL DOWN for more :)

please visit PRETTY RIOT and check out their Etsy Houston Craft Party Post!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craft Party Goodness :)

Etsy Houston and Sew Crafty threw the Etsy Houston Craft Party.  Sarah, owner of Sew Crafty, is SO amazing.  She and her awesome staff helped us out SO much that we just had to make it up to them!
Because Etsy is also extremely brilliant and great, the top 5 teams were given Kenmore Sewing Machines.  We decided to donate the sewing machine to Sew Crafty as a thank you, and award Sarah an Etsy Houston Goodie Bag! :)

For those of you curious about the goodie bags:
A couple team members donated some of their goods [Swish Productions, Mad Cat Pearls, and Frilled and Feathered].  There was also a plethora of Etsy buttons and stickers, some pretty packing tape, file folders for all your shop management needs, receipt organizers, a magnetic notepad, and some other little goodies :)
Do you like our Tshirts???
They were made by Sticky Monkey Designs.
by andria
by andria
more photos can be found on my flickr.

sent in by cynthia
sent in by alejandra
photo collage by the art lady :)

I will be posting TONS more photos later tonight in the form of a slideshow. yay! :)
Thanks to everyone for coming by!  The party was a huge success!  We had well over 100 people show up and craft.
Special thanks to Sarah for letting us hang out at Sew Crafty and helping out with supplies, food, and so much more!  If y'all need sewing/knitting/crafting supplies, Sarah's got such cute fabric and yarn and more!  Sew Crafty offers all types of classes for almost any age group!  Check out the calendar on their website for more class info :)
Thanks to the lovely ladies of Etsy Houston!!  We did it!!! :D
We all had such a great time and can't wait to plan the next event :)

If you'd like to a share the photos you took at the Etsy Houston Craft Party,

Friday, June 18, 2010


Dear Everyone and Etsy and Sarah and Saint Arnold - you are AWESOME. 
The Etsy Houston Craft Party was a HUGE success!!
If you you have cute photographs from the event, pretty please email them to etsyhoustontx[at]gmail[dot]com and I will love you forever.
I will post many many photos tomorrow!!
In "V" formation, starting on the top left...
Ana Maria, Mary, Roxy[me!], Kristen, Allison, and Andria
We <3 you so.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

are you excited yet?! :)

What: Etsy Houston Craft Party!!
Where: Sew Crafty. 321-B W.19th Street, Houston, TX 77008
When: June 18th. 8-11pm
Bring your supplies, your friends, and your super amazing self :)
Refer to THIS entry for supplies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Craft Party Updates :)

If you haven't checked out the supply list please refer to THIS POST.
Sarah will also have an assortment of supplies for sale at the event itself - yay! :D
*** *****    ******     ******   *******    *********
Here's the mini version:
Project: Inspiration Board
Materials you must bring: staple gun [bring it if you have it], picture frame, cork, poster board, a fat quarter to 1/2 yard of fabric, framing hooks + wire [or you can do that part at home]

Project: Rolled Flower Accessories
Materials you must bring: a fat quarter - 1/2 yard of fabric, one sheet of felt, embellishments [optional], hair clip/headband/brooch [the accessory for attachment!]

Project: Garlands
Materials you must bring: FOAM shapes or styrofoam eggs/stars/hearts [your choice! pre-painted], needle and thread, magazines/construction paper [for paper garlands]
** NOTE that after a test run, the wonderful Mary has discovered that foam shapes work best.  So if you would like to exchange the styrofoam/paper for foam, please feel free!

Project: Fused Plastic Bags
Materials you must bring: printer paper/parchment paper [SOME provided], plastic bags [4 or 5]
*** *****    ******     ******   *******    *********

Things to expect at the craft party:
Super yummy snacks and refreshments! yay SaintArnold!
An assortment of Sew Crafty crafty eye candy!
People like YOU who want to craft and have fun!
Etsy Houston Team Members to help you out!
Plenty of information for those of you interested in joining Etsy Houston!
Two giveaways per hour! [see below]
Wonderful memories, a great time, and so much more :D

Here are the hand-screened giveaway totes I recently finished!
Two totes filled with crafty goodness will be given away every hour from 8pm until 11pm!
Hard at work with my beginner's screen printing kit :)
Don't mind the hairbrush and craisins!

How can you help???
Spread the word and bring your friends!
The lovely folks at Pretty Riot will be documenting the event for us, but feel free to take your own photos, write your own blog entries :)
Also - if you have a super amazing treat that you specialize in cooking up, feel free to bring it on down. It looks like we're gonna have a GREAT turn out, and we'll need all the foodies and drinks we can get! :D

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have on the blog post

Can't wait to see you at the Craft Party!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Prepping for the Party!!

Allison and I hung out at Sew Crafty for a few hours on Saturday to make signs for

by the way! make sure you CLICK

the texas and then click "i'm interested."
Apparently DALLAS is trying to beat us!!

on with our lovely sign making day :)

Allison working the Cricut machine :)

After almost 3 hours of work Allison and I treated ourselves to some cupcakes :)

Please join us on June 18th at Sew Crafty for the Etsy Houston Crafty Party.
We will be bringing many yummy treats for everyone and there will be plenty of refreshments as well!
Saint Arnold Brewery is even donating root beer! Yummy!!
Free drinks, food, crafts - doesn't that just sound like a good time?? :D

Make sure you check out the updated supply list
for everything you need to bring to the craft party! :)
[buy/bring whatever you'd like to create!]

Etsy Houston Street Team Leaders

It's a dreary afternoon here in Houston...the perfect time to make a new post :)
I figure it's time for you all to meet the leaders at Etsy Houston!  During the next month or two I will be making individual posts for each person [and eventually individual members!], but until then, here's enough for you to put a face with a name!

Amie is the Creator and Marketing Leader of Etsy Houston.
She is getting ready to have a baby!!
Amie will be leaving Etsy Houston for a bit while she and her baby get to know each other :)
Amie's Shop and Blog.

Allison is the Event Coordinator of Etsy Houston.
She will be taking over for Amie as Marketing Leader for a while, too :)
Allison's Shop.

Andria is the Etsy Houston New Member Leader.
If you decide to better your life [tee hee] and apply to Etsy Houston, Andria is our Gate Keeper!
Andria's Shop.

Mary is our Etsy Houston Current Member Leader.
She's the bouncer - so make sure you meet all 8 standards! :)
Mary's Shop.

Roxy [that's me!] is the Etsy Houston Blog Leader.
I use information from the lovely ladies mentioned above to make blog posts.
I usually post my own photographs as well :)
Roxy's Shop and Blog.

And last but not least!
Sarah of Sew Crafty!
Sarah is not actually a member of Etsy Houston, but she loves Houston and Etsy so much that she'll help us out plenty. :)
We love you, Sarah!
Sarah's Shop.

Together we are trying to get the "newish" branch of Etsy Houston started!!
Check out our other members' shops here!!
Can't wait to meet everyone on June 18th!! :D

p.s. CURRENT MEMBERS if you have not submitted a blog button to me, please email roxy.rodriguez[at!]