Saturday, June 12, 2010

Craft Party Updates :)

If you haven't checked out the supply list please refer to THIS POST.
Sarah will also have an assortment of supplies for sale at the event itself - yay! :D
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Here's the mini version:
Project: Inspiration Board
Materials you must bring: staple gun [bring it if you have it], picture frame, cork, poster board, a fat quarter to 1/2 yard of fabric, framing hooks + wire [or you can do that part at home]

Project: Rolled Flower Accessories
Materials you must bring: a fat quarter - 1/2 yard of fabric, one sheet of felt, embellishments [optional], hair clip/headband/brooch [the accessory for attachment!]

Project: Garlands
Materials you must bring: FOAM shapes or styrofoam eggs/stars/hearts [your choice! pre-painted], needle and thread, magazines/construction paper [for paper garlands]
** NOTE that after a test run, the wonderful Mary has discovered that foam shapes work best.  So if you would like to exchange the styrofoam/paper for foam, please feel free!

Project: Fused Plastic Bags
Materials you must bring: printer paper/parchment paper [SOME provided], plastic bags [4 or 5]
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Things to expect at the craft party:
Super yummy snacks and refreshments! yay SaintArnold!
An assortment of Sew Crafty crafty eye candy!
People like YOU who want to craft and have fun!
Etsy Houston Team Members to help you out!
Plenty of information for those of you interested in joining Etsy Houston!
Two giveaways per hour! [see below]
Wonderful memories, a great time, and so much more :D

Here are the hand-screened giveaway totes I recently finished!
Two totes filled with crafty goodness will be given away every hour from 8pm until 11pm!
Hard at work with my beginner's screen printing kit :)
Don't mind the hairbrush and craisins!

How can you help???
Spread the word and bring your friends!
The lovely folks at Pretty Riot will be documenting the event for us, but feel free to take your own photos, write your own blog entries :)
Also - if you have a super amazing treat that you specialize in cooking up, feel free to bring it on down. It looks like we're gonna have a GREAT turn out, and we'll need all the foodies and drinks we can get! :D

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have on the blog post

Can't wait to see you at the Craft Party!!


Frilled and Feathered said...

The bags looks great Roxy!

grrfeisty said...

thank you kristen :D