Monday, June 7, 2010

Etsy Houston Street Team Leaders

It's a dreary afternoon here in Houston...the perfect time to make a new post :)
I figure it's time for you all to meet the leaders at Etsy Houston!  During the next month or two I will be making individual posts for each person [and eventually individual members!], but until then, here's enough for you to put a face with a name!

Amie is the Creator and Marketing Leader of Etsy Houston.
She is getting ready to have a baby!!
Amie will be leaving Etsy Houston for a bit while she and her baby get to know each other :)
Amie's Shop and Blog.

Allison is the Event Coordinator of Etsy Houston.
She will be taking over for Amie as Marketing Leader for a while, too :)
Allison's Shop.

Andria is the Etsy Houston New Member Leader.
If you decide to better your life [tee hee] and apply to Etsy Houston, Andria is our Gate Keeper!
Andria's Shop.

Mary is our Etsy Houston Current Member Leader.
She's the bouncer - so make sure you meet all 8 standards! :)
Mary's Shop.

Roxy [that's me!] is the Etsy Houston Blog Leader.
I use information from the lovely ladies mentioned above to make blog posts.
I usually post my own photographs as well :)
Roxy's Shop and Blog.

And last but not least!
Sarah of Sew Crafty!
Sarah is not actually a member of Etsy Houston, but she loves Houston and Etsy so much that she'll help us out plenty. :)
We love you, Sarah!
Sarah's Shop.

Together we are trying to get the "newish" branch of Etsy Houston started!!
Check out our other members' shops here!!
Can't wait to meet everyone on June 18th!! :D

p.s. CURRENT MEMBERS if you have not submitted a blog button to me, please email roxy.rodriguez[at!]