Sunday, June 20, 2010

Craft Party Slide Show

etsy houston craft party from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

the lovely raven made this video, too!
how cool is that?!

SCROLL DOWN for more :)

please visit PRETTY RIOT and check out their Etsy Houston Craft Party Post!


Anonymous said...

awesome slide show, Roxy!! Love it!! thanks for doing that for us!!


Swish Productions said...

So cute!!!! I love it. I want to share it on my Facebook. Can I do that? Help me Roxy, you know I'm computer illiterate!!!!

grrfeisty said...

haha thanks sally! :D
allison - click on the video title so it takes you to the vimeo website. i think you can share it from there. either link it to facebook or click the "Share on facebook" button if you have it in your browser! i'll do it, too so maybe you can take if off mine or something.

Swish Productions said...

What is the name of the first song in our slideshow?

grrfeisty said...

oooo gotcha hooked! "hey na na" by kate nash, then "in the sun" by she&him, and lastly, "title and registration" by death cab for cutie

raven said...

Dang girl!!! Roxy - you are not only A-mazing, but fast!! This slideshow is SO freaking awesome!! *sigh* sorry that I'm so late + I didn't get any pictures to you sooner :( but I did make mention and link to you all on my blog with a short video clip of the party as well.


raven said...

and of course you can! ;)

grrfeisty said...

woohoo! :D thanks for the video, raven!

raven said...

no probs! :)