Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's In Store for 2014 and a Review of What We've Achieved

Dear Etsy Houston Members,

Thanks so much for being a part of this great organization. During the last year we've managed to get more organized and find a forum to communicate, toss ideas around, and share in our experiences as makers here: If you are a maker, please join our conversation.

We had our first Etsy Houston Holiday Bash December 2013 in which members of Etsy Houston sold their wares to raise money for this non-profit. Last year, the street team won a Etsy Fellowship which all gave us a small amount of funds and a lot of cool swag that we were able to give to Etsy Houston Street Team members and give away to attendees of Pop Shop Houston.

What to do with our small amount of funds, we have yet to decide. But will have some time to discuss at the next Etsy Houston meeting which will take place at New Living in a few weeks. Fundraising is a current priority for the team. Space Montrose, Cactus Music, and Pop Shop Houston have made donations to the team to help us in our fundraising efforts!

All in all we've had a great year and hope to continue our growth into the future. Please check back often for more info and join our group if you haven't already.