Friday, June 4, 2010

Etsy Craft Party Supply List

Hello Houston!
We are getting such a great response to the Etsy Crafty Party invite - thank you all so much!!
Etsy Houston and Sarah from Sew Crafty are really excited and working really hard to get the event organized!
PLUS we are especially stoked to announce that the wonderful people at Pretty Riot are going to come photograph the event. :) And don't forget that Saint Arnold Brewery is helping out as well!
Sarah is wonderful and is going to try and have little supply bags for purchase at certain stations, but in order to be prepared, please come with the following supplies [for whichever you plan!].

Inspiration/Cork Board
1. Picture frame [I recommend visiting your local thrift/antique store and picking up a pretty cheap frame - they always look so amazing revamped!] - max size 11x14 inches. [Feel free to try a larger size later!]
2. cork [i've bought cork at hobby lobby - comes in rolls. i suggest buying one roll for 3 - 4 people.]
3. poster board [at hobby lobby, walgreens, walmart, etc - also good for 3 - 4 people]
4. staple guns will be made available but if you have one bring it along :)
5. frame hanging wire - if your frame doesn't have any hooks or anything.
6. scissors [provided!]
7. 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric [depending on your frame size!]
i suggest a fat quarter if you are not going to exceed the 11x14 frame recommendation. if you want to go bigger [which you can! you're going to need a half yard or more. the roll of cork is still enough for 2 [IF you go bigger!]

Rolled Flower Accessories
1. Glue guns will be made available
2. 1/2 yard of your favorite fabric!
3. one sheet of felt
4. your fave embellishments [optional] :)
5. hair clip/headband/brooch pin [for attachment]
6. scissors [provided!]

Spring/Summer Garland
Your supplies vary depending on whether you want to use paper or styrofoam.
1. styrofoam balls/eggs/stars [your choice!] - prepainted if you can find it!
2. needle + thread
3. magazines/construction paper
4. scissors [provided!]

Fusing Plastic Bags
1. Irons will be provided
2. printer paper or parchment  paper [some will be provided!]
3. plastic bags - grocery store, colored bags, etc [4 or 5]
[all photo sources can be found in this post]
Please let us know if you have any questions at all.  These projects will be so exciting!! :D


Plum Texan said...

Hi there - will a fat quarter work for the inspiration board fabric? Thanks so much for the supply list! Can't wait!

grrfeisty said...

hi!! that's a good question! a fat quarter is actually perfect if you don't exceed the max frame recommendation of 11x14. you are welcome to go bigger, but then you'd need a half yard.
i hope that helps! :)

*roxy from etsyhouston*

Marissa said...

About how many plastic bags do we need for the fusing bags project and are grocery store type bags okay?

grrfeisty said...

hi marissa! one bag would work, but i recommend bringing a few [3 or 4]. print works fine! it shouldn't be all that distinguishable once everything is all ironed together :D

Plum Texan said...

Thanks Roxy, I just caught up with this! That's good news and should make it easy.

Even if we're not doing the fusing project, will it help if we bring extra bags for folks to use?

grrfeisty said...

sure! that'd be great :D

judith said...

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Hani@Craftionary said...

I like your blog.. nice creativity you have got there..

mhico said...

That garland sure looks simple yet so cute. I'm sure; the kids would love to create those as you all together for the party.

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