Thursday, June 17, 2010

are you excited yet?! :)

What: Etsy Houston Craft Party!!
Where: Sew Crafty. 321-B W.19th Street, Houston, TX 77008
When: June 18th. 8-11pm
Bring your supplies, your friends, and your super amazing self :)
Refer to THIS entry for supplies.


celiaclowe said...

ya'll have been working so hard to make this an amazing party, i'm so excited. how are we all going to fit into sew crafty??? oxocre8

I am Ruthie. said...

Sarah and I are pushing the bookshelves back to make as much room as we can for the party!

St Arnold's beer is here! :-)

Can't wait, y'all.

Ruthie @ Sew Crafty

grrfeisty said...

awesome!! :D we'll see y'all around 3!