Monday, June 7, 2010

Prepping for the Party!!

Allison and I hung out at Sew Crafty for a few hours on Saturday to make signs for

by the way! make sure you CLICK

the texas and then click "i'm interested."
Apparently DALLAS is trying to beat us!!

on with our lovely sign making day :)

Allison working the Cricut machine :)

After almost 3 hours of work Allison and I treated ourselves to some cupcakes :)

Please join us on June 18th at Sew Crafty for the Etsy Houston Crafty Party.
We will be bringing many yummy treats for everyone and there will be plenty of refreshments as well!
Saint Arnold Brewery is even donating root beer! Yummy!!
Free drinks, food, crafts - doesn't that just sound like a good time?? :D

Make sure you check out the updated supply list
for everything you need to bring to the craft party! :)
[buy/bring whatever you'd like to create!]


pamela michelle said...

GO Houston!!! You guys rock!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I recognize that necklace! Pam - you've been spotted! (and I have that Brunettes Have More Fun t-shirt because, well, WE DO). Have fun tomorrow night!

Psst - Dallas is beating you for top spot. OMG!! Smackdown. (lolzzzz)

grrfeisty said...

haha ya, i definitely love my necklace i bought from pan at renegade. and gotta love the brunettes shirt. and whateverrrrr. i'm stressed enough with party prep. we were #1 long enough :D