Thursday, August 26, 2010


SUCCESS. The show aired Wednesday morning. It was definitely a blast.  The producers/crew were super nice and helpful.
Here is the video clip of roxy [me!], lora, and sandy.
and here is the video clip of melanie! [who was on the show last week and told the producers about etsy houston!]
we're having a meeting soon. i will send out a google group message when we decide on a date.
also, etsy houston is planning a show with the lovely sarah of sew crafty.

more details to come :)

i leave you with some "behind the scenes" action!

make sure to check out my blog and sandy's blog for a couple other posts from our great day houston adventures :)


Robot In Bloom said...

Adorable "behind the scenes" video, Roxy! I can't believe I wasn't out there with you guys... Whenever they saw me standing around they were like, "You can go sit in the green room!" in voices that strongly implied that I should go sit in the green room! Ha!

Robot In Bloom said...
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Sharon said...

How fun was that! Great way to promote your talent and etsy. Thanks for posting.

Sharon aka ArtL8dY

grrfeisty said...

i was wondering where you were! and i was definitely standing around like a fool - i thought if i left the set i wouldn't be able to get back on to sneak some more photos!