Sunday, January 23, 2011


Saturday night's event was so much fun!
starting from the back left: andria, emily, valerie, sally.
front row: alejandra, roxy

Can you spot the etsy houston logo? ;)

Sally's valentine's garlands were such a hit!
And Cindy stopped by to help as well. :)

Andria, Emily, and I manned the bar area 
[with a LOT of help from a couple of very kind Lawndale Art Center Employees!]
If you came by for a beer you probably met us ;)

Handmade Nation was such an inspirational documentary! I'm not gonna lie - it was my first time watching it. The film was amazingly informative as well as hilarious :)

I think there were about 200 people...I know the chairs filled up and there were loads of folks standing around watching. The wall on the right of the photo below was completely lined with people once the documentary started.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by. I really hope we have more opportunities to volunteer at events like this :)
Find out about more events hosted by the Houston Center of Contemporary Craft
as well as the Lawndale Art Center.



Anna said...

It was so awesome to have you guys as part of the event! Thanks again for everything and sorry I didn't get to say bye at the end of the night!

Dennis said...

Thanks for all of your help at the event!