Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last year, Etsy Houston threw one of the biggest craft parties in the nation! :)

Join us this year, on June 10th, for our 2nd annual Etsy Craft Party!
This year you can find us at Kitchen Incubator in downtown Houston at 7pm.

^click to get to the meetup site!^


taryn said...

i wish i were in the area!!

mrsbree said...

Hi! This looks awesome! How much does it cost and do I need to register or just click that I am attending? Do you have to be an Etsy seller?


k said...

mrsbree -
It doesn't cost anything to come. Stay tuned for a list of materials to bring based on the crafts you want to do. You may also have the options of buying small material packages from the people organizing the craft at the party for a very small fee.
You do not have to be an Etsy seller to attend this event.