Friday, April 3, 2015

Discussion Recap: Etsy Houston Meetup April 1st

The Etsy Houston Street Team Hosted their first Meet Up at TX/RX Labs Makerspace

Every time we meet we get into a hot discussion full of great ideas about how to grow our businesses. Here are the things we discussed April 1st and a few questions we came up with. Please comment on this blog if you would like to continue the discussion.

Apps are crucial to having strong Etsy Shops. We all had different favorites. You can find official Etsy Apps here: There are a ton of apps with lots of different functions. You can browse by popular apps or search by category. Make sure you browse the Sellers Apps - look at the top right where you can distinguish between buyer and seller apps.

Why Auto Renew? Etsy has it's own internal SEO. It wants shops that are the most active to appear at the top of the pages. Funny thing is, it doesn't know the difference between a sale and reposting or just a reposting. Auto Renew will help you repost your listings - at a fee of course - which will rank you higher in searches.

Why Ship Station? The best shipping fees for USPS, Fedex, UPS, and DHL with easy at home printing. It automatically links with your Etsy and notifies the buyer. It can give you statistics about who is shopping and where they live.

Why Etsy On Sale? You can manage multiple shops at once. You can autorenew or run sales on multiple items all at once. This could be especially useful for Cyber Monday - style sales in which multiple items, or multiples shops are being changed at once.

Why Fotofuze? Product photography means everything on Etsy. This app helps whiten the backgrounds of photos without losing color in your foreground. AMAZING! Plus it's made by a company in Dallas and supporting local businesses is our thing, right?

Other apps we <3:
Fotor for Mac - Whitagram for Iphone

Questions for the Group that Came Up:
Do people prefer Society6 or Etsy? Why?

Want to join the conversation? Join us at our next meet up May 6th at TX/RX Labs 205 Roberts 77003.

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