Friday, September 24, 2010

Etsy Houston Profiles - Tina Marie of NY2HoustonStyling

Name:  tinamarie  aka NY2HoustonStyling

Where are you from?  NY

Where do you live? NW Houston

What types of things do you make/sell?  mainly crocheted items, but i like to try my hand at just about anything

How long have you been crafting? seems like forever; since the nuns taught us how to crochet in 8th grade

When did you decide to open up a shop? my husband was after me for years as i was always making and giving away treasures but it wasnt until after quitting 'day job' to care for ill child that i decided to give a craft business a shot

Do you prefer to sell your crafts online or in person? Or both? both - online because it's easy; but in person for the wonderful interactions and new friendships that have emerged.

Do you have a second job?  If so, what is it? haha -- mother of 4 and caretaker of own mother ...  second job that doesnt pay any $, but payment of memories indeed

What inspired you to start crafting? the nuns in catholic grammar school and then later always loving the handmade gicfts i received from friends

Have you learned anything along the way, as far as your business is
concerned?  the customer is always #1; always be willing to try something new

What other hobbies or interests do you have?  anything crafty  and i love to read; teens tell me i need rehab (for reading)
Who inspires you? My Lord and Savior, my family, oh and my dogs have inspired some cute crocheted doggie toys

Do you have any tips to share with newbies?  never say never!

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