Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etsy Houston Profiles - Jag & Nevie

I hail from many places from California, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, but currently Houston, Texas!

I design and make eco-chic clothing and accessories for women and children.  This includes organic t-shirts , skirts, halter & tube tops, bibs, "blankies", purses, jewelry, you name it!  All of them feature applique or hand work with vintage & recycled fabrics.

I have been making things since I was a wee child!
I have slowly built up a shop from the early days of eBay and now sell through boutiques and Etsy.
I prefer to sell online, but I do enjoy doing shows periodically.

My "real" job is as a full-time mommy to Jag & Nevie whom are 8 & 4 respectively.  My artistic side squeezes through the gaps in their daily demands;-)
I am inspired by the drive to just make things.  I HAVE to make things.  I get very excited when I see extraordinary work from other crafters, the big fashion designers, fine artists, and girls that put themselves together in unique ways.  Animals inspire me with their innate elegance and beauty.

I've learned to stick to my creative vision over the years and stop being apologetic for it!  I've learned not to be insulted when something I make doesn't sell or gets negative comments when people see it.  I've learned on Etsy to renew all the time (at different times a day) and that I need to take much better photos - much more "fashion" photos.  I would say one of the most important things for newbies is to try to be able to ship within 2 weeks, minimum.   Also, manage money well so you don't get caught, like I often do, with no available funds to buy raw goods because everything you have is tied up in inventory!  Other than that - just work hard and be proud of what you do!
I also paint, sculpt and love to cook vegetarian food!

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