Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a very fun meeting :)

our last etsy houston meeting was at allison's house. we were supposed to carve pumpkins but got so carried away with ideas and plans that we never got to cutting those pumpkins up...
but it was definitely a blast and we got so much accomplished! i look forward to many more meetings! :)
ana maria and emily enjoyed hanging out with our new mascot, stella :)
andria, our new-member-leader, also enjoyed the company of stella - they discussed some show ideas...it was pretty cute.
 notice the winning logo??

thank you to our lovely hostess, allison :)
those of you that didn't make it missed out on a lot of laughs, wine, goodies, and some awesome productivity :)

p.s. stay tuned! the membership requirements are about to get TWEEKED.

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